Friday, June 24, 2011

A little bit about me!

Welcome to my blog. I am so excited to start expanding different ways I can share my love for makeup and fashion. I am Lindsey, I am 19 years old. I first started my love for makeup at age 12 (as soon as my mom allowed me to start wearing it!). I did basic makeup until I turn 16. That is about when I discovered guru's on youtube. That is when I started gaining knowledge and more love and talent for makeup. Fashion was something I would always keep more upkeep with until my BIG discovery of makeup at 16. Since then in the past 3 years I have learned and researched makeup and fashion like crazy. And recently I decided to become one of thousands of the makeup gurus. I do not have the best collection of makeup, or the most expensive makeup. But I do have the love for it! And I want to grow and learn with other people out there like me. And possibly start encouraging people like me out there who were to afraid to start making videos of their own to do it. I want to grow and learn with my viewers along with my bloggers. :)

What to expect from my blog?

Reviews, tips, tricks, advice, how to's and hauls, all on makeup and fashion, also along with everyday things.
Reviews mainly will be focused on doupes (Lower end/drugstore makeup that is almost, if not the exact doupe for high end makeup. And looks that you can find for a more reasonable price). And all reviews will be my own honest and true opinions.
Tips, tricks, and advice are things I can do to simply or help anybody with daily things. Such as makeup, accessories and how they help, and how to pull of not every day things.
How to's are pretty basic. But I will show/tell how to get a certain look or trend.
Hauls on my blog will most likely include pictures and I will always try if I can to put a first impression or a mini review/reason of why I repurchased. And if I can I will try and find pictures of the high end makeup to the doupe I purchased. Just to show I do, do my research before just buying :).
And along with all this I will post everyday things that can include deals going on, giveaways, and exciting news. :)

What to expect from my Youtube channel?

I am new to both blogging and youtube. Even tho I have had a youtube account for some time now I recently decided to become one of the guru's I am always watching. :) I plan on only doing looks that are low cost, or things I think are worth the price. I plan on doing reviews, tutorials, dress for less, trends, and much more on my channel. (I will always try to put what is on my youtube channel in someway onto my blog). I know lighting, speech, along with camera quality is very important. But I am doing the best I can with what I have at this moment. As I grow and expand, I plan on updating each one :). So subscribe and stay tuned :)!
Reviews on my channel I will ALWAYS put forth my honest and true opinion. I will also explain why or why not the product worked. As a viewer I would always want to know the details/reasons so I would like to provide that for all of you. :)
My tutorials will include of a wide variety of looks. Anything from junior high looks, to Lady Gaga inspired looks. I want to provide a look/video for everyone out there. :)
Dress for less videos will be things that you will see in magazine's or things celebrities wear that may be wayyy to expensive for the average person. And I will show you how to get the look for a more cost friendly look :)
Also I will provide videos with how to pull of the new 'in" trend. Whether its fashion, makeup, or just a certain color. I will always like to show how to pull off colors that are in with a makeup inspired look, and a couple different ways to do it in outfits. :) (Will always post pictures on blog to see).

There are so many things that I can go on and on about. Whether it is my blog or my Youtube channel. I just wanted you as my bloggers or viewers to get to know me a little. And what you can expect from my blog and channel! I hope you follow both and am as excited as I am for all of this to come :D! I can not even explain how excited I am :). If you have any requests or questions feel free to comment or message me on my blog or youtube. I do not have a facebook or twitter set up yet. Waiting to see how things go at the beginning. I will always try my best to write back/ or do what I can for you request! :)

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Look forward to more to come!!!! :D


  1. Welcome to blogger! I found your blog on beautylish. I can't wait to see your future posts. Now following. Hope you follow back. I also subbed to your youtube channel. =)


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  2. OOOOO, i cant wait hehe :P
    sounds good!

    lets see some awesome posts! i love the layout aswell xD

  3. Found your blog on beautylish =) Looking forward to future posts!

  4. Can't wait to see more~ :3

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