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Depot your NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils!

The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are amazing! Almost every makeup guru has them all along with every makeup lover out there. They are EXTREMELY cost friendly all along with great pigmentation and helping eye shadow colors pop even more! But there is a time that we all get the product right down to the  pencil wood lining.... That is what happened to me the other day. I tried sharpening it but it just did not sharpen as nicely as it was when I purchased it. If you look at the pencil a little more closely, they are more of a plastic wood then a real wood. So when you sharpen them, they can get sharp and make it to where you would need to be really careful while applying adding time to your makeup application. This happened to me, I decided that depotting  would be the best solution. I watched several videos and put different techniques people used into making my own way of depotting. :) I am choosing to share this all with you so you can maybe compact your makeup collection down by depotting your jumbo eye pencils. I used things that most everyone will have laying around the house. I didn't have to spend any money on doing this process! Which is a plus! Who wouldn't want to save money!

Materials you will need:

  • 1 washcloth or paper towel: I used this to set my container on top of so things would stay clean :) (NOTE: if you are not using the same container as I am. You may need to have something that will hold your container more in place so it doesn't move around.)
  • Your NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils: I used the 3 I have at the moment, Slate- A navy blue with silver shimmer to it, Iced Mocha- A brown/copper color with gold specks to it, and last but not least Milk- The most used drugstore color base! It is a basic white color very commonly used for any eye look to bring the colors out to its best :)
  • A pair or pliers: These will be used to hold the jumbo pencils so your fingers do not get burned.
  • Any container/containers: I am using a weekly pill organizer to depot my pencils into. Got my inspiration to use this from the Makeup Forever Flash Palette. But you can use an empty pigment container, an old lip balm container, or a travel empty container.  (Empty container holders are usually in the travel section at your local drug store). Just make sure whatever container you are using you clean it well along with rubbing alcohol in it to disinfect it. 
  • Hair Blow dryer: This is what we use to heat and melt your Jumbo Pencil into the container.

After you have gathered all of the materials needed. You are now ready to begin depotting your Jumbo Eye Pencils. :)

Grab the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil you are going to start with. After that you need to get a good grip on the pencil to pull off the end cap on the bottom of the jumbo pencil. It may be hard to get off at first, and may take some time but work slowly and carefully. If you still are having a difficult time with you you can use your pliers to grab it off. BUT be careful that you don't hurt yourself. Take your time. If it still doesn't come off you can use the heat from your blow dryer or run hot water over it to loosen the glue up.
Once you get it off it should look like this :) When I removed all of mine Slate was the easiest. It just came right off. But Milk, and Iced Mocha gave me a lot of trouble I actually used the blow dryer and heated up the glue a little bit to pull it off easier. 

After you removed all of the bottom end caps you are ready to start melting your pencils into pot form. The next thing you need to do is take the pliers and grab the wood part from where you just pulled the end cap out. Just like the below picture.
After you got a pretty decent grip. Hold the pencil straight up right above the container you plan on depotting it into. I am using a weekly pill organizer. I wanted to use something around the house. I did not have any containers such as a lip balm or any makeup item that was almost empty. And I wanted to use something around the house to avoid spending any money. A weekly pill organizer is a great thing to use if you have an extra one laying around! I got the inspiration from the Makeup Forever Flash Palette! But this one is way less than the cost of that one and I am making my own. Everything is better homemade! :P

Just hold your pencil vertically over your container. Once you do that you can start applying the heat with your blow dryer.
When applying the heat I started at the top of the Jumbo Pencil. Where I was holding with pliers. I would leave it sit there but slowly move down towards the opening and then work my way back up to the top. I would do that about three times along with turning the pencil around the distribute the heat evenly around pencil. Once I went up and down 3 times I left the heat blowing at the top where I was holding the pencil. After about 1-2 minutes of applying heat it will start melting into your container. Once it first started melting into the pan, I go up and down along with spinning the jumbo pencil another 3 times. After that just continue holding the heat up at the top where you are holding it with the pliers. Once it seems everything has melted out, which usually is after about 5-6 minutes. You can tell if all of it has melted when you look into the opening and you can see through it. Be very careful touching the pencil itself, it will still be very hot for about 4 min after you stopped applying heat. Also the pencil will most likely have bent from the heat and melting process. This is very normal and had no affect to your product. Besides we don't need the pencil anymore right?  
If you can see straight through the pencil you did it right :)

Do the melting process to all of your Jumbo Eye Pencils you want to depot. Once you are done you just clean up any mess that may have happened. I used makeup wipes to clean off the rim around the edges. After that I just let the melted product cool down in room temperature to harden back up to the original consistency. 
And you have yourself your depotted NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. :) Which would be your homemade version of Makeup Forever Flash Palette. :)

Even after depotting them the jumbo pencils still have the same consistency and are still very creamy and apply with the same pigmentation as they were in pencil form. The biggest plus to depotting them is you can apply them easier with a brush now!

I hope you found this very helpful! This way is super easy and very cost friendly! You just are using everyday things around your house. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. If you try this out let me know how it goes for you. Send pictures or leave a comment letting me know all about it. :) 

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