Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Days of Inspired Christmas! 5 GOLDEN RINGS!!!

With the hit Christmas song, 12 Days of Christmas. The one line that anyone remembers the most would most likely be, 5 golden rings. I know for me, when this song is playing at work, in the car, or just shopping, I mumble every other line. But when it gets to the 5th day I shout, "5 GOLDEN RINGS!". So of course for the fifth day of me and Kailyn's holiday collaboration. We had to do a golden ring, inspired look! I had some fun with this look. I wanted to make a more golden smokey eye then what I usually wear. I stepped just a little out of my comfort zone for you guys! I hope that you can find help with our inspired looks, and use it for a holiday look of your own.

For this entire look, I used my BH Cosmetics 88 Shimmer Palette, along with my Tropical Matte Palette. The first step I did to step out of my comfort zone was, for a base color and to make my golds appear more vibrant. I placed a pure bright yellow color. I normally would never do anything like that. But for you guys, I want to start expanding and experimenting, to create unique and different looks. 

Over the top of the vibrant yellow, I placed a light gold shade on the inner half of my lid. Then on the outer half, I placed a true gold color. Patting over the colors will give you a perfect blend with your eye shadow applicator.

For the crease, I just used a soft matte brown. I blended up and used it also as my transition color. I then took a light yellow/gold color, and applied that right where a transition color would be. I added this just and blended down into the crease, just to make the crease appear more gold tone. 

For a highlight under my brow bone, I used a mixture of the first light gold color mixed in with a champagne high light color.   

For my inner tear duct highlight, I used just the champagne color.

To just add my own personal touch, I smudged some pencil liner just on the outer half of my lid. I took a pencil brush and smudged it out more along with setting it, using a matte black.

Then just line your waterline, lower and upper. Apply your favorite mascara and your set!


For my face, I just used NYC Sunny Bronzer to contour and use as a slight color to my cheeks. Then I used my E.L.F. Golden Bronzer, using only the champagne highlight and applied that over my cheeks, and cheek bones. Just to add a more golden finish.

To pull the golden ring look all together. I wanted a bronze lip, but just another touch of gold. I used NYX Round Lipstick in the shade, Earth Angel. After applying that, I took some of the first light gold shade I used on my inner part of my lid. And I applied that just to the center part of my bottom lip. And just to add a little bit more of a glossy finish, I applied Mary Kay's lipgloss in the shade Beach Bronze, all over my lips.

Now the look is complete! I had so much fun with this look and LOVED the way it turned out! I hope that you are getting so many inspirations from this collab! 

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  1. THIS is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  2. Such a pretty makeup! :)

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