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BH Cosmetics Custom Eye Pro Palette Review!

BH Cosmetics is a common makeup brand that is affordable but great pay off with their quality. They also are great with customer service with any questions you may have or if you need to make a return. I started building my makeup collection with BH cosmetics, but even after finally building it up with drugstore and a few high end things. I still tend to find myself purchasing from BH cosmetics and pulling out palettes for any look I could want. I always would purchase the pre-made palettes, such as the Neutral palette, Tropical Shimmer, Standard Matte, etc. But recently I decided to reach out and try their 15 eyeshadow pro palette. This is a palette where you get to choose 15 eye shadow colors of your personal choice, to put in a sleek magnetic bottom palette. I hesitated on purchasing this for a while just for the fact of online colors/swatches can be very misleading. But as BH cosmetics usually does, they had a great sale going and I decided to try it out. I went through the colors for a couple days along with trying to find swatches online.
When I received my order and got to swatch the colors in person, I was THRILLED! All the colors I had chosen had great pigmentation, and were so soft but no chalky. And on top the the eye shadows, the palette itself was amazing. The palette is a great size and weight and on the inside you have a HUGE mirror! The finish of the palette is matte and very sleek. The shadows come separately packaged, so you design your palette the way you want too.

If I had to say anything bad about the colors I choose, it would have to be like some of the other palettes from BH cosmetics. The white/lighters shades can be a little chalky and not as pigmented as the color shades. In this case The matte white I picked out, was not as pigmented as I would have hoped for it to be, but still can build up to my liking.

The size of the pans is standard. So they should fit in a MAC pro palette, or any palette that has standard size pan fittings. 

The colors I choose were mainly neutrals, but I also got some settle colors just to add a tiny pop of colors.

Listing and names of colors along with review and impression:

First row starting from left to right:

BH Warm Matte 12: This is a matte white/cream shade. It is not as pigmented as I would have liked for it to be, but it can easily be built up the color you would like it to be. I mainly use this over a white based primer for highlight areas, under brow arch and inner tear duct area.

BH Warm Shimmer 16: This is a shimmer skin tone shade. It works great as a natural highlight, or just a very settle light colored high light. It is in the shimmer category, but does not come off to shimmery. I would say it is more of a satin finish. This color has great pigmentation, can have some fall out. But by tapping of the excess you will be set to go!

BH Warm Shimmer 13: This is a wearable neutral shade with a little pink undertone. This color is great to have as a lid color to really brighten your eye and make it look more awake. This color is so soft to swatch and has great pigmentation with just even one swipe. This color could be used for more dark skin tones as a great highlight. 

BH Metallic Shimmer 10:  This color is similar to the one before but has more brown undertones in it. This is a color that can be used for many different uses. A great color all over the lid, but also using this color to blend the line where your brow highlight and crease color adds a little more depth, and also lets the light hit and reflect a little bit more. This color can have fall out, but tapping off the excess and using patting motions when packing on color will prevent that!

BH Warm Shimmer 17: This is a soft brown color with a satin finish. This color is perfect to throw in your crease and blend up. It has a satin finish and catches the light perfectly, with adding dimension into your crease. I love using this shadow for a more natural eye look. Can have fall out, but again always tap of the excess!

Here are the swatches from the first row of colors. I took one without a flash and one with. 

No flash

 Colors go in order that they are listed above. Also swatched the colors with and without primer. Color with primer is listed

With flash.

Second Row of shadows starting from left to right:

BH Metallic Shimmer 09: This is a burnt gold color with a shimmer finish. This color online looked a lot like half baked by Urban Decay. But when I saw it in person it is more of a rustic burnt gold color. I didn't think I would love this color but I do! It is the perfect color for fall. I use it as all over lid color, or smudge it on my lower lash line with a brown smokey eye. The pigmentation on this color is great! It is also one that I did not experience any fall out with! 

BH Warm Matte 18: This is a perfect matte brown color with just the tinniest hint of burgundy undertones. This is the perfect color I think for any eye color. I love using this color in the outer v of my eye to define but also use the burgundy undertone to make my eyes appear more blue. This color blends so easily and fast and never looks muddy. I would recommend this color to anyone!

BH Metallic Matte 07: This is a very different soft brown but with a grey/green undertone to it depending on how you use it. This shadow is by far one I love playing with in my eye looks. It has such different undertones in it when you apply it with a brown smokey eye is appears more brown. But if you pair it with a gold color is can have green undertones. I love using this as a crease color along with using a smaller pencil brush to define the outer v. If you love experimenting with your eye looks this is the perfect color! Can have fall out but yet as usual just tap of the excess.

BH Cool Matte 03: This is a gorgeous burgundy color. On BH cosmetics website this color appeared as if it would be more of a brown with red undertones. But when I opened my box this color is a burgundy with a brown undertone. It was definitively a color I never imagined using. But this fall I love wearing golden smokey brown eyes and popping this color with a light dusting in the crease to make it a little more fall. I have never gotten so many compliments on any eye look before. Especially if you have blue or green eyes, adding a hint of a red or purple can make your eye color appear brighter! This color has no fall out either! This is a must have shade for me!

BH Cool Matte 02: This shade is a red brown with dark purple undertones. I love using this shadow on a smokey eye to define the outer v of my eye and pairing it with the burgundy color before. That combination is perfect for a fall look all along with helping my eye color brighten up. Also smudging this color over a brown pencil liner on your top or lower lash line is gorgeous to soften and smoke out any look. No fall out noticed on this shadow as well!

Here are the swatches from second row. They appear in same order listed above.
Swatches with primer are labeled.

Third row of shadows starting from left to right:

BH Cool Shimmer 07: This is a shimmery silver shade. Perfect for a sparkly smokey eye. Pop this color in the inner tear duct to add that shine and sparkle on a night out. Or place it all over the lid and make it the key star in a smokey night look. This shade has a lot of fall out. Tap of excess along with using a primer. I noticed it you did not use a primer this color will rub off quickly and end up all over your face in sparkles. This is not the best silver I have came across. But is a beautiful color.

BH Cool Shimmer 11: This is a silver blue with a satin finish. This color is gorgeous. I did not think it would be a color I look forward to using, but I was trying to branch out and try new things. When I swatched this color I instantly saw so many ways of using it. As a lid color and add a pop of gold on the outer half, for a fun summer look. Or as a lid color and smoke it out with some blue and black on the outer v to create a nice frosty winter night look! This color does not have much fall out at all! And the pigmentation is great!

BH Cool Matte 10: This is the perfect matte forest green shadow. Using this color with almost any brown smokey eye is my favorite for this fall season. I love pairing this color with a brown smokey eye I get using my Urban Decay Naked Palette, placing it right inside the outer v. This adds such a fall look to it along with changing up an everyday smokey eye. No fall out and the pigmentation is outstanding along with how soft it is with blending out.

BH Cool Matte 18: This is a true royal blue shade. Seeing this shadow online I was expecting more navy blue, but even tho it is not navy blue I was not disappointed. This color has great pigmentation and is so soft to the touch but not chalky in any way. This is a color that can be dusted on for the tinniest hint of a royal blue. Or smudged along your lash line to define while adding a pop of color. A great color to have in any collection of any make up lover!

BH Cool Matte 20: This is a true matte black color. This is my pride and joy out of all theses colors. This black is extremely pigmented and amazing to the touch. With just one swipe you get a black color pay off that most other shadows take 4-5 layers to build up to. I have never used carbon by MAC, but this black is a color I would recommend to anyone to try! I love using this to add a more defined smokey look, or even using it as a liner itself, or setting any black liner! This is a MUST HAVE!

Here are the swatches from the third row appearing in the same order listed above.
Where primer was used it is listed.

My overall experience and thoughts.

I would recommend making your own palette with BH cosmetics. They are a great quality for the price being payed. You are going to get shadows that last and have great pigmentation. The only thing I would recommend if possible is to go by swatches you have seen from other blogs or online. Going off of what BH cosmetics has on their site can be misleading. I hope you will try BH cosmetics if you have not already. And I hope you build one of these palettes and love it as much as I love mine!!! :)

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FTC: I purchased all these products with my own money. And was not sponsored in any way for this review. Everything was my honest and personal opinion! 



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