Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Wish List! Beauty Edition!!!

I will have to admit, usually around Christmas time, I would normally be thinking about what new electronic device I would want, or anything I could not afford. But this is the first year I am asking for beauty related items! I have always had my passion and love for makeup and hair, and anything beauty related. But this past year, I have really grown and expanded everything one step further. I created this blog, to share all of my love and passion with every other makeup lover out there. I gained the courage to create videos for my youtube channel. I always was one to read, and watch videos, and I never thought I would be the one behind the computer, or behind the camera. So saying that, I wanted to share with you the few items I am asking for/hoping to purchase this holiday season! Now, I am not saying that the holidays are not all about the gifts. It is a time to be thankful for what you have, and give back to others. So I also will share with you a little bit about what I am grateful for in my life, and how I plan on giving back!

 The first item I am asking for, would have to be none the less, The Naked Palette 2, by Urban Decay! I own the first one, and I know that I do not need both, but this item is so popular and I can see why people love it. The first Naked palette was more warm tones, from swatches and reviews I have seen, this new palette is more cool tones. So that means if you are traveling, or just want to be able to create any eye look. These palettes are the best way to go. The first one prices around $48, and the new palette is priced around $50.
You also get 12 shadows in each palette. Each shadow is a full size pan of the shadow. The pan shadows on their own on usually price around $12, so for getting either of these palettes. You are walking away with a great deal.

No makeup look is complete with out the right brush behind it! I have purchased to MAC brushes, and almost went broke from it. I have purchased brushes at drug store pricing from, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Eco Tools, etc. But I would love to get a set of professional brushes, preferring Sigma's line. They are very cost friendly for the quality you get. Most of their eye brushes start around $9, compared to MAC brushes that start around $15-$19. Sigma's line also has almost identical ones to MAC brushes. I am not one to spend a ton of money on high end makeup, but if I can find something that is worth the money I will. But asking for a set like this around the holiday season is perfect!  

One line of cosmetics I recently have heard of, and am very eager to try. Would have to be Sleek cosmetics! This is a line of cosmetics based out of the U.K. So can be hard to come across the U.S., but you can purchase on ebay and amazon or even Sleek Cosmetics website. But I have not purchased any of their cosmetics/palettes at all. Everyone who has a palette from them, usually raves about the pigmentation and how great of quality the shadows have! I have my eye on two of their $10 eyeshadow palettes. The "Storm" palette and the "Au Naturel" palette. These both are the pictures shown above, and are their natural palette choices. I wear almost a neutral smokey eye, everyday. And I do have to do my makeup on the go, so any palette I can take with me to make my life easier is perfect. Which is why I would LOVE to get my hands on this line of cosmetics!

Another very popular, and very cost friendly brand of cosmetics I want to get my hands across, would have to be, Wet 'n' Wild Cosmetics. More importantly, I really want to grab some of their eye shadow palettes. I see and hear many makeup guru's, talking about how great of quality these palettes have, and the variety of looks you get from the palettes. Now this line of cosmetics is a drug store line, but not all drugstores carry them. And the drugstores that do, don't have the full selection of palettes. You can also purchase these from amazon, and ebay. But from what I have noticed the sellers are raising the prices because of the high demand.  So I hope to also get my hands across these bad boys! The trio's price range start at around $3, the 8 shadow palette's start at around $7, just depending on where you purchase from.

So those are mainly the makeup/beauty items I did ask for. I also asked for a new camcorder, just for the purpose of filming better quality tutorials, and videos for you guys! :) Now like I said these are all materialistic things. This season is the time to appreciate what you have, and the time to giveback. So I am going to tell you how I am going to give back then what I am truly thankful for from this past year.

I have to come clean, and say that I am not always one to give back by doing charity, or volunteering. But I do give back any chance I can especially around this time of year. I do donate to booths out front of my local stores. If I see someone less fortunate on the corner across from my work, if I can, I buy them a fast food meal, and give them the change I can afford to. Just to help them out! I plan on volunteering at a animal shelter  this upcoming year. But this year I am trying and doing everything I can to give back. Even if it is not during the holiday seasons, it is always the right time to give back! :)

So this holiday season, even if you are asking for those special gifts. I hope you can look and see what you are truly thankful for! Because those materialistic things are just things. But the things and people you have in your life that mean the world to you. Are there for good! :)

I wish all of you the best holiday yet! And I hope that you liked a simple blog like this. Maybe to add a beauty item I showed to your list this season, or to remind you of what you are grateful for! :)

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  1. I love sleek!!! I have their original palette and love it! Check out for cheaper shipping. They don't have all the palettes, but they have some

  2. @MissAshDG Thank you so much for the information!! :) I am definitively going to check out that site! Thank you so much for reading! :) I wish you the best holiday season this year! :)

  3. You fixed your header! :)

    I am going to give you my opinion on the ACID palette. It is a beautiful palette. Most of the shades are amazingly pigmented. But the super bright ones (pink, green, yellow, orange) don't really show up as great as everyone makes it seem. I've tried them over so many bases just doesn't work. Different methods, brushes, etc.

    I wouldn't trade it for anything though because the darker shades are very unique and very smooth!

    I hope that you get what you want for the holidays! :) I know I won't get ANYTHING I want lol!


  4. That naked pallet its on my wish list too lol :D