Monday, December 26, 2011

Beauty Christmas Haul 2011!!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Whether you celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, I hope that it was the best one yet. And as many other people, me and my family celebrate Christmas. And this year was the first time I actually asked for beauty related items! I was always one to ask for those high and expensive electronics and ask for more than one. But this year the only electronic or pricey item I did ask for was, a camcorder. Just so I can make better videos for you guys :). But if you didn't read my holiday wish list post, I asked for many beauty/makeup items! And to my surprise I actually got some! :) Now I didn't get anything on my wish list, but the items I received are ones I want. And of course I wanted to share with you guys what I got! And hopefully you can tell with the pictures. But I did receive my camcorder for X-mas as well! :) So look forward to a video about it along with wayyyy better quality tutorials/videos!

The first gift I received had to be one of the most exciting ones! I have never tried any of Mally beauty products. But I see them a lot in tutorials, and hear about how great the quality are. But from watching one of my favorite beauty guru's on youtube, emilynoel83, she was talking about the Evercolor Automatic Waterproof Eyeliner set. The set comes with 10 of the automatic liners, that do NOT smudge at all! You can buy the set for a great price at Well I was lucky enough to receive the set as a gift! From swatching all the colors, they are extremely pigmented as well as smudge proof. I could wipe and wipe my fingers and hands over those colors and they would not budge! I am so excited to use them in upcoming tutorials for you guys! I also plan on doing a possible dupe for these eyeliners :) I am going to list the colors that the set includes in order of the picture above.

Onyx- A true black color.
Deepest Brown- True to the name a deep brown color.
Plum- A dark beautiful purple.
Navy- A rich dark true blue color.
Black Cherry- Almost a coca-cola cherry colored! Very unique.
Lucky Penny- A very bronze color, exactly like a new penny!
24K- A yellow/gold color.
Hunter- A deep army green color.
Tinsel- A very bright silver shade.
Satin Taupe- A beautiful grey color with taupe undertones.

Another fun beauty item I received was, a Colour me glow eye shadow palette, and  Pur Travel size kabooki brush. All the colors in this palette have glitter chunks in them, but do not appear when swatched. The colors do not have the best pigmentation, but for a drugstore palette you can't always expect that. The colors are beautiful colors, and I found that you can build them up the the pay off you desire. They all have a shimmer to very frost color. This palette would be perfect for any beauty lover on a budget, or for a girl who is just starting out with makeup! I plan on doing a tutorial for beginners, featuring this palette. The colors I choose to swatch are with out a primer or eye shadow base!

For the little travel size kabooki brush. This brush is perfect to set your foundation on the go. This brush is so little and perfect for traveling, but still so dense and will do the job flawlessly!

So by now I am sure everyone has heard of, or came across Ecotools! Well I knew about them, but I have never tried the brushes or even thought about giving them a fair chance. But I got a brush set for Christmas, and can I just say, I was sooooooooo wrong to never think about trying these bad boys out! All the brushes are extremely soft to the touch, but yet are still very dense, so you can get the job done! The set I was given included the following brushes, blush brush, eye shading brush, eyeliner brush, lash and brow groomer, concealer brush, and a cosmetic bag. To be honest I can not tell the difference between the concealer and eye shadow brush. They both are around the same size and have about the same density. But I can say that the eyeliner brush, which is a small angled brush, is the thinnest angled brush I have ever came across! It is very thin, but still has the density to not bend all over the place while applying your eyeliner or filling in your eyebrows. The blush brush, is so extremely soft that it makes you just want to rub it against your face all day and night! This brush would be perfect to apply your blush, powder your t-zone, or ever contour your cheek bones! The brow groomer is your typical groom, but I feel like this one is not as scratchy as other ones I have tried before! And on top of receiving all of these lovely brushes, it comes with a makeup bag and holds your brushes, but still folds over and closes to protect your brushes while storing your makeup on the go!

The one and only famous E.L.F. book of shadows! Like many of their shadows, they can be a hit or miss. But I received this lovely packaged new smoky eye book of shadows! I have tried the old packaged neutral eye edition. And I loved the darker colors that came in that palette, but the lighter shades broke and really had no pigmentation. But when I opened this book, and swatched the colors. I was truly surprised as well as impressed. I also love how the books always come with a guide how to apply and where to apply the shades and shadows. This is always helpful for a beginner, or a new way to try something different from what your used to doing!

Unlike the old book of shadows, the new ones come with 9 eye shadows, 3 cream eyeliners, and eyeliner pencil, along with an eye shadow applicator. The color selection in this book is beautiful. You can get smoky eye looks, all along with creating an every day neutral eye. But when I saw there was 3 cream eyeliners, I was prepared to be disappointed. But to my surprise, the eyeliners are fantastic!!! :) They are so pigmented and rich in color! Not only can they be used as an eyeliner, they are soft and creamy enough to be applied as an eye shadow base, to let the colors appear more vibrant! And the eye liner pencil is so rich and applies so smoothly! The feeling of the pencil reminded me of the Mally eyeliners from above!

The eye shadows in the book again are a hit and miss. But I can say out of the 9 shadows, only 1 is a true miss. That one would have to be the light blue shade. It hardly has any pigment, but can be built up to your liking. The rest of the shadows are very soft to the touch but not chalky or crumbly! As many drugstore shadows, you should expect some fall out, but not to much. I am so excited to try all these out and do a review and tutorial for you all! :) 

Those are all the makeup products I got for Christmas this year! I am so very blessed to have a wonderful family and friends that love me! I could have not asked for a better holiday this year! I hope that every one of you had a great holiday season. And I wish you all the best for the new and upcoming year! If you want a review or tutorial with anything I have listed please leave a comment! I would LOVE to do one for you guys! 

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