Monday, November 28, 2011

EyesLipsFace Mineral Eye Shadow Primer! (Urban Decay Primer Potion Dupe)

The most commonly used eye shadow primer today is, Urban Decay's Primer Potion. This primer is very popular in tutorials, review, and other blog posts all across the web. If you walk into any beauty retailer, and ask for a primer, the odds of them selling you this primer is very high. But I wanted to share a primer I have found, that dupes this very popular item, and is way more cost efficient. Urban Decay's Primer Potion retails at $18. Can be very expensive to some people, and not everyone may be able to splurge and spend the money. I wanted to join in on what everyone was talking about, and I purchased UDPP, I liked it, but I felt like it was a product I could find a cheaper alternative, with the same affect on my everyday makeup. I purchased many primers, drugstore brand, common name brands, and brand I have never heard of. And with my search of finding a cheaper alternative, I found one that is very cost friendly, and actually in my opinion, works with any eye look, natural, dramatic, even plain by itself. This great product I found would be....

E.L.F. (EyesLipsFace) Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

Pros and Cons of both primers.

Urban Decay Primer Potion: 


  • The packaging is very sleek and has a girly touch to it. They recently have changed the packaging to a squeeze tube, but the one I purchased is the original vintage bottle. 
  • I wand applicator is bent, for an easy sweep of product across the eye. I also find that with this applicator, you can apply the product on lower lash line easiest.
  • When blending in the primer, it is very smooth and light weight. Making it easier to blend without tugging or pulling. That much easier to help prevent premature wrinkles.
  • The original primer, is a sheer/light toned natural shade. Adds just a little coverage to the eye lid area, great if you have veins, or darkness around your eyes.
  • When applying shadows, it really brings out the most of your shadow. It makes the colors seem more vibrant. And when you go to blend colors, such as your crease or two different colors, it helps it blend your shadows or pigments so smoothly and effortlessly.
  • The staying power of this product is amazing. Applying this as a base before any everyday makeup look, will help your eye look stay on all throughout the day. It will help the colors stay vibrant and not mush together at the end of the day. Also depending on your eye shadow choices along with your skin type, you for the most part will not get much creasing at all!


  • The price is not very reasonable for everyone. At $18 for one tube of primer, which contains 0.34 oz. of product. I do not think that is a reasonable price, that gives everyone an opportunity to try this product out. Especially with how much it is talked about.
  • In the original vintage bottle, the wand only picks up product from the bottom part of the packaging. So realistically you are only getting around half of the product. Once you have used all the product from the bottom half of the packaging, you have to depot the remaining amount of product. Or just go out and purchase another one at the expensive price. Which then means, you are wasting product and not getting all of you moneys worth.
  • The driest part on your face is your eye lids. Anything you apply should help hydrate and in time moisturize your eyes. With the primer potion I noticed that it is not as hydrating as some other primers I  have used in the past. Even tho the staying power of UBPP is great, drying out my eye lids over time is not something I want.
  • Again with the original vintage packaging, I noticed that my tube at the top could get messy from just pulling the wand in and out. And the wand and product can dry out a little bit over time. Making the product not as smooth and easy to apply to your eye area.
  • When you pull out the wand, sometimes it can have to much product. I don't think that it is consistent with the amount of product you pull out every time.

E.L.F. (Eyes Lips Face) Mineral Eyeshadow Primer:


  • Packaging is simple and basic. But perfect size for everyday makeup looks, but also perfect size for a look on the go. For the price you pay, the packaging is pretty decent. It is not as detailed as UDPP, but unless packaging is a big deal for you, the packaging of E.L.F. primer is still sleek and simple. 
  • Has a basic wand that you find in many tube products. The wand is very soft and does not have any hard bristles what so ever. Makes is soft to the touch to place product.
  • The product on the wand is pretty consistent for every application. You should get enough product for a whole eye and possibly both, depending on the shape and size of your eye. Makes it an easier and faster application.
  • Blending in the product into the skin is heaven! When blending this into my eye area I instantly feel like my eye lid is so moisturized and refreshed. All along with how easy it is to blend into your skin. It is so light and almost has a whipped feeling to the touch, it is so light weight. The color is again a natural light tone shade. Which will help with covering up any veins that you may have showing. With this primer, I think there is just a more natural finish and color to it that UDPP doesn't have to it. Which you could wear this primer alone to give a natural and hydrated look to your eyes, and adding a little bit of coverage to hide any dark circles or veins.
  • The formula this primer has is by far my favorite out of any primer I have tried! You can take a color that does not have much pigmentation at all, and putting it over a layer of this primer will change that. It makes any pigment or shadow just burst with more pigmentation. I found that this primer helps bring out colors, and make them more vibrant than UDPP. In my swatches I used a matte black color I purchased from BH Cosmetics, (seen in my review) And you can clearly see that it is much more vibrant and seems more pigmented with just one swipe over this primer. 

  • Blending any eye look is simple over this primer. With the formula it is so smooth and helps blend colors before you even start blending them yourself. I found using this primer, I was not going over my eye look as much trying to blend. I love how this has cut down my blending time, and makes getting ready even faster for me!
  • If you plan on having a long day ahead of you, this primer will hold you throughout the entire day! How your eye makeup is when you leave for your long day is how it will be at the end of the night. I work long 8 hour shifts in retail. I am always moving around and when I come home I notice that my shadow has not moved into a corner of my eye, or the color has faded to nothing. With an all day wear, most primers would eventually have a start of creasing or colors have faded. Not with this primer! This is where this product beats UDPP. Even on the driest or oiliest skin types, I have seen this primer work the exact same way with holding up throughout the day.
  • One factor about this product that I can say the primer potion didn't do is when taking the swatches for this blog post, I used my makeup remover wipes to wipe off my arm. Everything faded or rubbed away. But the place where I placed the E.L.F. primer with a swatch of a matte black shadow, the shadow was still there. The pay off you get with this primer for the cost is AMAZING! The picture is down below. I wanted you to see how amazing this primer is, and how it beats a high end product.

  • Even for the price of $3 you get 0.15 oz in a tube. Which is half of UDPP, but if you bought two equaling $6, you are still walking away with a steal. Plus you do not have to depot any of this product. It is a straight tube and the wand will always be able to reach the product left in the tube.


  • Purchasing this can be a problem for some people. E.L.F. products are not in every drugstore. Some of their products can be found in select Target stores, and smaller store throughout the country. But the easiest place you can find all of the products EyesLipsFace has to offer would be on their website. And again this may not be accessible to everyone.

So, if I had to choose which one I would recommend to any beginner or anyone who would ask me what primer I choose. I would most definitively anyone to purchase E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer! I hope that maybe you can try out this primer, even if you are true to primer potion. Compare them yourself, you might actually be surprised on which one you would like! :) Please take a second to check out my youtube channel, I will most definitively have tutorials using this primer. I just posted my first video, and there will be many more to come!!! Also follow me on twitter and "Like" me on facebook! You can always reach me on those places!!! 




  1. Hey hun...following from BL. I would love the return

  2. I was so shocked by the quality of the E.L.F. eye primer and by how long it lasted. I wasn't even going to buy UDPP if it wasn't for an Ulta gift card I'd gotten. It's the newer bottle so you do get more of the product. I would have to say I'm not as impressed with U.D. as I used to be, before I started buying any of there products, which is sad. Besides the interesting colors, fun names, and pretty packaging I feel they are highly overrated. I've gotten so many of their eyeshadows, pigments, 24/7 eyeliners, and lipsticks and all have been a huge disappointment.

  3. @msdarkmetal I was just as shocked! like you see with my swatches you get just as great of a quality for way less than the price! I am so glad that you read my review don't forget to share with your fellow beauty lovers! :)