Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Outfit: Mixing Different Styles!

Fall is a season where rules of fashion and makeup can be put aside and you create your own rules, all along with keeping up with the latest trends in fashion and beauty. This fall I have really been experimenting with rules and stretching them out to create my own looks. Next time you are in a line at a grocery store, pick up any style magazine or your choice. Everyone of them have different ways of showing whats in style, and what everyone is doing. But take bits and pieces that stand out to you and create your own style with your own rules to follow. After all, we are all different in many ways, and your outfit is one of the first impressions to showcase who you are. So this fall/winter season, create looks and rules that are truly original to who you are as yourself. We all our different, but YOU are beautiful, don't be afraid to show that. :)

November 18, 2011: Fall Inspired Look

In this outfit I decided to mix a tribal print blouse and put a modern day twist into it by making it a little more edgy and my own style!

I am wearing a tunic length blouse with a tribal print to it. It is one of my most favorite tops I have been wearing this fall. It's a 3/4 length sleeve and gathers on the shoulders to give a feminine touch to it. The blouse is sheer, so I layered it over a plain black satin camisole. I then wanted to bring out my waist and to do that I added a belt under the bust to lengthen and slim my torso. The belt adds the modern feel with the blouse. But to pull it all together and make it just a little more edgy I paired the combination with a sweater vest.

To make the look a little more edgy I wore black leggings for my bottoms. For fall one of my favorite trends is always leggings or jeggings to pull any outfit together. They come in many different colors and styles for any look you are wanting to achieve. 

A really popular trend right now is color blocking. I love how putting two different colors you would not think could compliment one another, actually does. I took inspiration from that and added a pop of color with my burnt orange handbag. With my outfit being black and white, the two basic neutral colors, adding this pop of color really gives an illusion of color blocking. The orange is so out there compared to the rest of the outfit, which adds the color blocking inspiration I was looking for!

My favorite part of this outfit would have to be the shoes! To me they are the one accessory that really gave the most edgy feel and look to this outfit. These shoes are a cross between a rider boot mixed with combat boots, all combined to make my favorite pair of boots to wear with almost any outfit this fall.

To complete this whole look, I decided to take it another step further by doing an everyday smokey eye look.  Adding an eye look or makeup look to any outfit can help with making it appear more or less or what you want it too. For example, I wanted this entire look to be edgy but yet fashionable. I wore a darker smokey eye with thick black winged liner, bold brows, a fresh dewy face with just the most settle color on the cheeks and bare lips.

Adding a more dramatic makeup look I feel made this outfit a bit more edgy. The outfit was a statement by itself, but I decided to go on step  further with the statement smokey eye. But I wanted to tie the tribal and edgy look with my makeup as well. So parting my hair down the middle pulls the tribal back into the whole look. And this is how I put two different styles, Tribal and Edgy, together to make my own rules for my very own fashion!

This by far was my favorite outfit I have put together this fall. I am so glad I got to share my first outfit of the day with you all :) And I hope you can take something from my inspiration, and turn it into something of your own! :) If you do please tweet me a pic or leave a picture of it in a comment down below! All clothing items and accessories and listed down below of where they were purchased from!  Please follow my blog and subscribe to my youtube channel (videos are coming REALLY soon promise!!) Also follow me on twitter and like me on facebook :) 


Everything in the outfit of the day:
  • Earrings: Dressbarn
  • Necklace: Dressbarn
  • Watch: Buckle
  • Purse: Lulu Handbags purchased off of
  • Tribal Print Blouse: Purchased at Kohls 2 years ago
  • Belt: Dressbarn
  • Sweater Vest: Unknown
  • Leggings: Walmart
  • Black Boots: Avenue

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