Friday, December 2, 2011

Everyday Work Outfit 11/29/2011 Mixing Black and Brown!

This is my outfit that I wore to work! Again bring in the animal print trend! But in this outfit I also bring in another trend, wearing black and brown together. A lot of people may be frightened of the thought of this. But I always love a challenge, and love breaking traditional fashion rules. I can not stress enough how rules are meant to be broken. Especially with fashion! This is how I put another two different trends, into one look that is appropriate for work or even a night out in the town.

I decided to try another new style for me. I paired this tan based shall with dark brown leopard print, over a black lace cami. The shall is a bit sheer, so pairing it with the black lace cami gives it a darker allusion. Also with it being sheer it made it a little bit easier to mix black and brown, two neutral colors, together. 

I also brought in more of the brown tones into the look, with wearing a gold ring necklace, that had dark stained wook round chips, and pearly white chips.

For bottoms I am wearing all black. I wanted to make the outfit black, but accessorize with the brown and golden tones. So for my bottoms I wore a black pencil skirt, and since it is winter, I put a pair of thick, matte leggings underneath. 

For shoes I wore my newest edition to my shoe collection! A pair of Candie's boots on clearance from Kohls. They are a wedge heeled boot, that are a dark brown, with the wedge part black, along with the shoe strings. They are a bit more edgy and can not be appropriate for everyone's work environment. But you can always just take inspiration. :) 

I never leave my house with some sort of watch on my wrist. So to finish up this look, I paired this outfit with my favorite watch given to me by my boyfriend :). It is brown and black, with a gold face. PERFECT for this look. The band is a turtle shell ( not literally ). But that is what the design is called. It looks more like leopard to me!

Where did I buy Everything?
Leopard Shall: Kohls
Necklace: Kohls
Watch: Gift from boyfriend
Cami: Dressbarn
Skirt: ross
Leggings: Walmart
Shoes: Kohls

I hope that you can take inspiration from this look I put together, and make it your own! Please share it with me if you do! All the ways to connect with me are on the top of my site, and always I will link them down below as well.

I have a video coming up on my youtube channel with this outfit for my first outfit of the day video. I also have a tutorial for the makeup look I am wearing. It is an everyday makeup look for fall/winter.  So please SUBSCRIBE and be the first to see them! 

Also my boyfriend created a website recently, he has helped me so much with my site and has amazed me with his site! It is in the topic of health. He will do posts about life and challenges along with nootropics. If you don't know what those are, check out his site to learn more! He is very informative and has knowledge about all of the products and topics he will post! His link is down below!


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