Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 Days of Inspired Christmas 2nd Day!!!

If you have a holiday work party, neighborhood meet up, or maybe you are going to be hosting your own party. You might be thinking of a ton of things, what to wear, what dish you might be bringing to share, or what you may need to go out and purchase. But me and Kailyn have maybe a step to help you out with a party makeup look! There are so many things you have to worry about, well why not see how we were inspired for a holiday look and save some time by taking some inspiration to recreate your own look. :)

For my inspired holiday look, I wanted to do something that was elegant and simple. But yet something you can wear with any outfit you may be wanting to pair with. I added a dramatic winged liner just to enhance my eyes a little bit more. But you could definitively recreate this look making it your own.

For my eye look I used my BH cosmetics 120 palette 3rd edition. Along with the Urban Decay Naked Palette just using the color naked.

The lid: 
I place a taupe color all over my lid. I then took the color naked from UD Naked Palette, and blended that in my crease all the way up to under my brow bone.
I then took a dark maroon color and just placed that on the outer part of my eye.
I wanted to define my outer v a little bit more. Just to make it that simple classic look. I choose a charcoal matte grey, and placed that in the outer v, along with blending a little into the crease.
Make sure all is blended and you have no harsh lines. Once you have that, then go in with a champagne highlight color and apply that right under your brow.

To finish up the look:
Using a liquid liner of your choice, line your eyes and make a winged line to your personal preference.
Then line your inner lower and top waterline, with a liner that will last the whole night.
Curl your eyelashes, apply your favorite mascara to give you length and volume, and you are done with your eyes.

To finish off the look:
Contour your cheeks with a bronzer, to bring out your cheek bones.
Apply your natural pink blush right above where you contoured.
Then pick a light shimmer pink based color. To put over the tops of your cheek bones to highlight
Then line your lips to add a fuller affect, and apply the color of lipstick of your choice. 

You are now set for your party look. Something simple but yet, a show stopping look! I hope you try out this look! I have a tutorial coming up soon of this look! Please check it out! 

Also check out Kailyn's holiday inspired look. I love how hers has so much color to it! Very festive! You can check out her look at

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