Thursday, December 8, 2011

12 Days of Inspired Christmas Collab! Holiday Hair look!

For our 3rd day of inspired Christmas looks, Kailyn and I decided to do a holiday hair look. Possibly one you could wear to a party,or just for any special occasion! I wanted to do a look that anyone could do, I did this hairstyle even when my hair length was much shorter. This look would be perfect for any kind of attire. Formal, semi-formal, dressy casual, even casual. Just how you accessorize with any hair pieces, or earrings will dress up or dress down.

To do this simple side hair style, the first step would be to curl your hair with either a flat iron or a curling iron, in the direction of away from your face.

Once you have your hair curled, choose the side you want to wear your hair on. Grab the hair from the opposite side and pull to the side where hair will be gathered. 

Next pull a small piece of hair to frame your face. Once you framed your face pin the hair to the side you want. Make sure you start from your hair line and secure with bobby pins until you get to the crown of your head. 

One everything is pinned you can style your bangs however you would like them. And mess around with your curls until you have them they way you want. Mist over style with a hairspray to help last throughout the night! 

I hope that you are all enjoying this holiday collaboration with Kailyn! I know we both are! :) Make sure you check out her blog for her inspired hair look. It is a great party look! I absolutely love it! 

If you have a hair look that you are planning on doing for this holiday season share it with us either with a comment or on facebook! All the links will be down below! 

Stay tuned for more looks!!! :)



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