Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days of Inspired Christmas! Peacock Tree Inspired!!!

If you were to think of how a typical Christmas tree is decorated, you would think gold and red, every color known to man, red and green, white and blue. For day 6 of me and Kailyn's holiday collab, we decided to do a makeup look inspired by how our Christmas trees are decorated at home. I was so excited to do this look, but I forgot that my tree at home is a bit different than your normal tree. Our tree is peacock inspired, with pink accents. The tree is beautiful, but I had to put a lot of thought into how to combine all of those colors into a wearable look for you guys! I love how the look came out, and I think it is very wearable for anyone! If you know me I wear mainly only a neutral smokey eye, but I plan on recreating and wearing this look again!

Those are the pieces from my Christmas tree at home I got my inspiration from. I got the inspiration from the teal and green from the peacock feathers, and I got the magenta inspiration from the light strand, along with the flowers across our tree! So now that you saw my tree, see how I put these colors into a complete look!

Since I was going to be using very bright colors, I applied NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to help really make the colors more vibrant. To get this look grab your BH Cosmetics 88 Standard Shimmer Palette.

First start with applying a light green shade to the inner part of your lid, but staying away from the most inner part next to tear duct. Once you have that placed, pack on a teal/blue color on the outer have connecting to wear the green meets and blend them smoothly together.To pull in the true peacock colors, in my crease I placed a taupe brown color blending upwards to the brow bone. 

To pull in the magenta color was very hard for me to think of. But how I did it was by applying a magenta with purple undertones, and did a cut crease look. While blending the harsh lines so your look all flows together.

For my inner tear duct high light, I used a very light pink shade, and also blended that into the empty space on the lid while applying the green shade. I also used this color and applied it under my brow bone!

To define my lash line, I didn't want to use a black. I felt it would make it to harsh so I used a blue pencil liner, alone with smudging a similar shadow over to set it in place.

I also used the same blue pencil liner, and tight lined my upper and lower waterlines. To finish the eyes, just apply 1-2 coats of your favorite mascara. :)

To also pull in the pink color just a little bit more, I used a very pink blush on the back of my cheeks. I did that so I didn't have to much going on towards the center of my face since I did a bright lip.

For my lip color I did a color almost identical to the magenta color we have on our tree! The shade I used would be, NYX Round Lipstick in Pink Lyric.

This look was so fun to create for you guys! :) I made a tutorial for this look so you can see exactly how I created this for you! Make sure you watch my youtube channel for that video coming soon! I hope you guys found this look exciting and fun. Try recreating it yourself and share it with me!

Also as always make sure to check Kailyn's blog. You guys will love what she put together! And I will have to say her tree is one I have NEVER seen before! :)

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