Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 Days of Inspired Christmas Collab! Holiday Lip Colors!!!

To a lot of people, when you think of the holiday season, and lip colors to wear. Many people automatically think of the classic red lip. Well I think that there are so many lip choices you have around the holiday season. Just pairing the right lip, with the right face makeup is what might make or break your color decision. Me and Kailyn both choose our favorite lip colors/lip choices for the holiday season! I hope that maybe this can help anyone out with maybe changing up your lip choices for the holidays.

Lip color: Revlon #510 Berry rich

One of my favorite lip selections for fall and winter season would have to be, berry colored lips. If I am in doubt, I always go with a berry color. It is basic, but yet always adds just that little bit more of a touch to your look. It completes any face look you have. There are many different berry shades to choose from, light ones, more pink toned, dark true berry color. Any berry color is a great choice, and you can not go wrong with this pop of color on your lips!

Lip color: NYX Baby Pink

Normally when I would see a lip color like this, I instantly thought of summer lip choice. But I have been trying to go out of my normal choice selection, and I did this bright nude pink, with a dramatic cool toned smokey eye. It made the look complete, but it also made it a very wearable look. Perfect for a holiday party or even a night out, even possibly a New Years look! So don't be afraid to wear a bright pink during the winter/holidays. Just make your eye look a little bit more smoked out, or a little more dramatic to pull it more towards the winter look.

Lip color: E.L.F. Fantasy

A classic look that you will normally see me wearing during the fall/winter seasons, would have to be this neutral brown color. I love this look! I love pairing this with a dramatic brown smokey eye. And with a color like this, being a neutral, you can wear it with any look really and have it still pull together in the end. 

Lip color: Revlon #007 In The Red

Of course, the tradition red lip for the holidays. What would any lip choice blog be without a red lip? This classic look is perfect for a holiday look. It is very festive, but yet has the ability to pull any look together as well. And there are so many different options to do with a red lip. You can have a matte red lip, or a very glossy lip. But you can also just use a lip pencil and use that as a lip stain. Any of those choices will give the same classic look, but a way to make the look your very own! 

Those are all of my favorite lips choices that I have been using this holiday season! But I have to say the most important thing if you choose a lip color is......

Make sure you don't get lipstick on your teeth! You don't want to be remembered as the girl with lipstick on her teeth, from your holiday party! Kissing a paper towel after applying your lipstick will help prevent this. And then this way you have a smile to last the whole night! :)

I hope all you guys are loving this collab series me and Kailyn are doing for you! :) I know we both are having fun coming up with ideas and doing them as well! Make sure you stay tuned for our posts coming up! :) A lot more is to come!!! 

As always, make sure you check out Kailyn's blog as well, her lip choices are so perfect for this holiday season! 

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