Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Makeup Tutorial!!!

Hello ladies! I am sooo excited to finally put this post up! :) I have been trying to hard to put my first tutorial up for you guys and finally here it is! It is the look I wore in my last outfit of the day post! It is a bronzey smokey eye, but is very wearable. You can always take and change what you need to make it your own! It is a look I do with my everyday makeup. I tend to stick to more neutral colors, but I love making everything a little bit more dark and dramatic for the winter season! Please watch my video and also SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel, so you are always the first to see when my videos come out! :)


  1. Thanks Kailyn :) It only took me like 7 videos of filming tutorials to get one I like! :P

  2. Lindsey I loved this video. It was extremely helpful. Thank you also for teaching me some things on Friday. I will watch this again and look forward to more video's. I really think as a beginner that the 'brushes' are a must have, is that your thought also? What would be a list of beginner items to get w/out breaking the bank?

    Hugs - Dawn T.