Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days of Inspired Christmas! Kwanzaa Holiday Look!

Around this time of year, many of us think about Christmas. But not all of us do celebrate that holiday. Now my family and I, are one of many to celebrate Christmas. But me and Kailyn, wanted to do looks for the other holiday out there. So they can to have a look to be inspired by! Today's look is dedicated to the people who celebrate Kwanzaa. Now growing up celebrating Christmas, I will admit I don't know much about this holiday. But I do know that it consists of 3 red candles, 3 green candles, and 1 black candle. So with those colors I cam up with a very wearable makeup in honor of this holiday! :) Even if you don't celebrate this holiday, it is a great and a wearable holiday look! I was inspired by the colors of the candles along with the flame when they are lit.

I wanted to use all the candle colors, but also incorporate the gold from the flame. To create this look, I used my BH Cosmetics 88 Standard Shimmer Palette.

I placed a light gold gold, around my inner tear duct while dragging it slightly onto the inner part of my lid. I then took a dark deeper green color, and I applied that on the outer corner while applying it to the rest of the lid.

I then took a taupe and green, mixed them together on a fluffy blending brush, then applied that to my crease and blend up towards brow bone.

To bring the black into this look, I placed a rich black color on the outer v, to define my eye. Then dragged it into my crease, almost making a cut crease look.

I then took a ruby red color, and applied that on the inner half of my crease. To bring the red color out. Once all the colors are placed, go back through and blend everything so there are no harsh lines.

Apply a black liner to your waterlines, upper and lower. Use a liquid liner to create a winged line on your upper lash line. Apply a black mascara and you are set with this eye look!

I wanted to enhance the red color just a little bit more, by wearing a true red lip color. I applied Revlon 007 lipstick to my lips, and dabbed a little gloss over it, to make my lips appear more plump.

This look has inspired me to really again step outside of my comfort zone! I am really enjoying doing all these looks for you guys!!! :) I hope that if you celebrate Kwanzaa, you can take this makeup look to really celebrate your holiday. And if you don't celebrate it, take this look and use it for your holiday!

Don't forget to check out Kailyn's look! It is truly an inspired beautiful look! :)

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